FlameSky 3.7

Internet.The Speed of Light

Internet.The Speed of Light

FlameSky is an advanced, tweb browser that enables you to connect to the Internet faster, secure and quicker. Specifically engineered to meet the demands of the modern day net surfer with perfect glitch free support for Web User Interface and many apps inbuilt. Cubicle FlameSky comes as a web browser and as a netbook operating system, which has an array of web browsing, email and development tools.FlameSky is a very simple piece of software working as a web browser which aims to offer you the ability of accessing your favorite websites, enabling you to open multiple pages simultaneously.

Developer Tools

Search and Url Bar In One

Website Favicons

New Rendering Engine(Chromium)

Favorites Bar

Download Bar

Browsing History

Page Information

- Easy User Interface

- Fluid UI

- High Speed due to Lightweight Size

- Support from the Developers

- Internet Speed Checker

- Availability on Android and as a Linux Netbook OS

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FlameSky 3.7

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